The sessions are taken by Lucinda who has many years experience in exercising older adults and has a wealth of knowledge around illnesses and conditions that come with older age.

Her qualifications:

Gayton G.P. referral: this includes diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, osteoporosis and obesity.

B.A.C.P.R. (British association of Cardiac Prevention and Rehabilitation): this includes heart attack, bypass grafts, heart failure, valve replacements and stroke.

Macmillan Cancer Rehabilitation, this includes patients undergoing treatment for cancer – including chemotherapy and radiotherapy – as well as those in non treatment stages.

Regular exercise in older age improves quality of life, making every day tasks more manageable and significantly reduces risk of falls. Also, due to increased blood flow to the brain, it can improve symptoms of irritability and forgetfulness (Y.M.C.A Fitness for older adults).