Covid safe practice

Covid 19 safe practice and risk assessment guidelines for Caversham Older Adults Fitclub`s indoor and outdoor sessions

COAF recognises and will abide by government guidelines as follows:

  • A maximum of 29 participants for outdoor sessions (but COAF will have a maximum of 12). The number of people accepted for indoor sessions will be guided by the size of the room and ventilation available.
  • To keep at least 1 meter apart (but COAF will be aiming for 2 meters apart throughout)
  • To apply vigorous hygiene measures


The following will be requested of all COAF participants:

  • Not to attend sessions if they have any of the 3 main Covid 19 symptoms:



Change in or loss of smell /taste

  • Use their own bathroom before leaving home and to wash their hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds afterwards.
  • Bring drinking water, hand towel and a set of dumbbells (or two cans of beans).
  • Maintain 2 meters apart from fellow exercises and other members of the public, on arrival, during and when leaving the session
  • Use the hand sanitizer provided on arrival and again on exit
  • Make their way to a designated spot where they can put their belongings. This might be a chair at a centre-based class or a cone at an outdoor session
  • Gather belongings and leave promptly once the class has finished


Safe Practice

  • Where possible payment will be taken by BACS transfer or Standing order but if that is not possible then cheques or cash can be put in an envelope with the amount and the customer’s name clearly marked and left in the tray provided.
  • Centre-based classes will have as many doors and windows open as possible to encourage air circulation.
  • Outdoor sessions will be on flat surfaces and will always have shade from trees available in case of hot weather.
  • If music is used it will be kept at low volume to ensure the instructor does not have to shout
  • High touch surfaces will be avoided or thoroughly disinfected before and after the session

Lucinda is first aid trained and will always carry a first aid kit.

Covid 2020 Update

Due to the coronavirus, Caversham Older Adults Fitclub is now offering 30 minute online classes through the Zoom App. Lucinda is happy to provide 1-1 technical support to get you up and running if need be.

Please visit our classes page for information about times and prices.